Bänkle Detail Tannberg (c) Johannes Fink

Tracing the Walser
people on Tannberg

A path through history, culture and craftsmanship

The Tannberg area comprises the former Walser settlements of Warth, Schröcken and Lech. The special history of this region, shaped by the Walser people who came here from the Swiss Valaise, is recounted on 57 stops with simple wooden benches and peepholes with engravings. In addition, an interactive app (Android/iOS) provides more information on the region.

Bänkle am Kalbelesee (c) Johannes Fink
Wandern 9 Warth Schröcken © Warth Schröcken Tourismus
Bergwiese am Körbersee (c) Johannes Fink
Weg zum Berghotel Körbersee (c) Johannes Fink
Wanderweg direkt vom Berghotel Körbersee (c) Johannes Fink