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Sommer am Körbersee
Körbersee verschneit (c) Berghotel Körbersee
Schneelandschaft in Warth-Schröcken (c) Warth-Schröcken Tourismus Sebastian Stiphout
Freerider in Warth-Schröcken (c) Skilifte Schröcken

The privilege of leaving it all behind for a while.

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Summer season
from 17/06/2024  to  06/10/2024

Winter season
from 13/12/2024 to 21/04/2025

  • 20.07.
    13 °C / 20 °C
  • 21.07.
    14 °C / 19 °C

Our hideaway at 1,675 metres above sea level is a sanctuary of silence. Sit down on our sunny terrace, nestled in the protected landscape around Lake Körbersee, where you hear nothing but nature. And, at times, our cheerful guests

Welcome to our place!

As the third-generation of Schlierenzauer hosts we have learned: The guests who love us also love nature and the vast skiing and hiking area on our doorstep.

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Der Atem der Berge

Haus Schneestern im Berghotel Körbersee (c) Adolf Bereuter
Speisesaal im Hotel Körbersee © Adolf Bereuter

The Warth-Schröcken region was awarded the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality and therefore counts among the approved quality hiking regions in the country. Our hotel is an attractive starting point for guided hiking tours, offering an unrivaled view of the surrounding mountains.

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Sonnenuntergang am Gipfel (c) Warth-Schröcken Tourismus

Walking is the fastest way to make yourself familiar with new surroundings. Arriving to our Berghotel on foot means you have already made the first important steps.

© Johannes Fink

Walk away (from it all)

There is no road to Berghotel Körbersee. No car ever gets here. One of the many reasons why our place is a happy place! Leave your luggage behind the church in Schröcken upon arrival and park your car there or at the Saloberkopf parking area. Our ropeway for material transport will take your luggage (and our shopping) up to the hotel.

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