Martin Strolz Weinhändler aus Schoppernau © Johannes Fink

Nothing but nature and a thousand stars

The taste of Lake Neusiedlersee at Lake Körbersee

I am a hairdresser with salons in the villages of Au and Schoppernau. My passion for wine, however, is represented in my wine shop and bar where I serve over 30 wines by the glass. When Berghotel Körbersee was named Austria’s most beautiful place in 2017, we decided to create two two special wines and brand them with a logo of their own. The result is a most accomplished 2016 Zweigelt 2016 and a 2017 Welschriesling, a classic by Weingut Unger from Lake Neusiedlersee, perfect for an evening out on the terrace. And that’s also my favourite spot: The terrace overlooking the lake, preferably in the evening when all day guests are gone and night is falling. The most beautiful path leading there, if you ask me, is the one starting at Neßlegg. It’s not so easy to find its starting point, that’s why I am on my own most of the time when I take it. The trail offers stunning panoramic views and walking alone helps me to let go of all the everyday hustle and bustle.

Martin Strolz, wine dealer from Schoppernau